Dry Cleaning – Best Way To Kill Germs

Dry Cleaning – Best Way To Kill Germs

The concept of dry-cleaning saw its inception in 1913 in Australia. Since then, the world celebrates its ubiquitous influence. Every individual finds it stressful looking for the right “dry cleaning services near me” to clean and wash their clothes and household drapes to live a hygienic life. And with the notorious COVID doing the round, it is of utmost importance to kill the germs residing in the corners of your dresses.

A Green Way Of Hygienic Living

Over the years, dry cleaning services have become less abrasive and more ecologically sound. And Cleanomatics pledges the same. You can always rely on our hard-working team providing five-star dry cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida. We exclusively work with eco-friendly chemicals and solutions devoid of causing skin allergies.

Expensive clothes require a professional touch, which at-home cleaning lacks. Dry cleaning is proven to be 99% effective in destroying germs. With our professional assistance, you know that your clothes are under proper care. Our experts focus on every detail and work judiciously to provide the best, spotless results to our loyal customers.

Put An End To Bacteria And Germs From Your Clothes

Studies prove that dry cleaning is a safe option for garments of individuals who suffered from COVID. Healthcare and travel departments can also rely on dry cleaning’s safety net. Studies state that traces of the novel coronavirus or any other flu virus on the surface of your clothes can remarkably reduce when put above 140 degrees for 20 minutes.

And since dry cleaning does operate explicitly on heat pressing and ironing, Cleanomatics’ reliable and professional dry cleaning services can be a great way to ward off the germs. The heat generated during the dry cleaning process reaches up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit that is scientifically proven to kill viruses from clothes and drapes.

Impeccable Sofa And Carpet Cleaning Services


Not just clothes but germs are perfectly adept at surviving on carpet and sofa’s surfaces. And thus, we tenaciously provide the best sofa and carpet dry cleaning services as well. Our qualified cleaner is packed with copious knowledge and expertise to handle your carpets and sofas and sparkle it clean. Our professional sofa cleansing services reach every unreachable spot and wipe all the persistent stains away.  

Have you ever had a carpet massacre where you accidentally dropped your lasagne sauce on the rug while eating and binging on your favorite show? No matter how much you try to hide it from your wife, that stubborn stain just does not go away. Well, at such troubled times, call Cleanomatics for a spot-free service!

We deliver the most measurable results when it comes to carpet and sofa dry cleaning services. It not only aims to erase god-forbidden spots but also the tacky odor. It is always salvageable with our pros!

Cleanomatics’ cleaners are not just experts with your clothes but also with your household furnishings. From blankets to curtains, we have all the right tools to clean your fabrics. Our expertise is built of an abundance of knowledge regarding fabrics that enables our team to provide the best care for different nature of clothes.

Trust the treatment, and get in touch with our professionals now!

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