Illuminate your Home This Diwali with Cleanomatics deep Cleaning

Illuminate your Home This Diwali with Cleanomatics deep Cleaning

Diwali amidst Covid Fears! Well, Relax as we at Cleanomatics will get this Diwali your house squeaky clean safely.

Everyday cleaning  – wiping, dusting is not cleaning. It leaves minute dirt behind – not good for your well-being.

Deep clean is removing the last speck of dust and dirt  – it’s needed once in a while – the way you detox your body, detox your abode. It’s your nest made with love care and is meant for happiness physically emotionally and mentally.

Cleaning is a specialized job – get trained professionals to do it who know how to go about cleaning the most inaccessible nook and cranny

Deep cleaning your home will require reaching out places that you didn’t know existed. Over the loft, below the carpet, behind the sofa, on the curtain rods, below bed post, behind the refrigerator, below your washing machine and that skewed corner in your toilet…you could go on. Home cleaning is not easy.

This Diwali, get your house deep cleaned by our experts and make Diwali cleaning easier.

Did you know that the dust on your sofa or carpet could cause asthma and other respiratory issues?? Why not use Cleanomatics professionals deep cleaning send the dust, dirt and grime to where they belong – garbage.

Those stains on your kitchen tiles. Did you know they could have germs? If such stains go unnoticed for long ,you have called for health trouble. Don’t call trouble, call us, find us near you, book an appointment, avail the offers during this festive season and let us bring a smile on your face.

Whether you have purchased or rented a home, whether you own a small hotel, an aggregator home or a service apartment, you need to give your home a thorough cleaning once in a while. Maids/ helps at the very best cannot do more than a cursory cleaning daily or even weekly.

After a while for them as well, tediousness and fatigue sets in and your house seems scruffy, while hidden nooks, lofts, tops of cupboards and even tiles look used, dull and dirty. It is tiring, time- consuming and at best an amateur effort not to mention the lack of professional know how.

Your safety and well-being is our top most priority. This Diwali allow us to bring more of positive energy at your place. 

Diwali is associated with the worship of Lakshmi, who bring wealth and prosperity to her devotees and enters a well cleaned n illuminated home. We will be happy to be a part of your worship and devotion.

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