Home Cleaning Checklist – How to Keep your Home Clean Like a Master?

Home Cleaning Checklist – How to Keep your Home Clean Like a Master?

Have the contoured spaces in your homes begun gathering dust and infected bacteria? Your weekend can be swallowed with compiled work, knitting strings of worries for you. However, there is no need to worry when here is a hand-crafted listicle at your rescue rooted in deep cleaning sessions, prepared by the best home cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida:

Kitchen Spaces

  • Wipe the infected counter tops and prep surfaces with sanitizing cleaners to keep your kitchen spaces clean. This will ensure that the surfaces will be fumigated and ensure sterility for a longer period.
  • Toss the leftovers into the bin and organize the pantry with sweet and savory dishes as per your convenience and meal timings.
  • Sanitize the sink with filling lukewarm water and add bleach. Allow the solution to rest for a while and rinse by plugging out the drain.

Living Rooms Spaces

  • Mop the floors and scrub the surfaces well, complemented with sanitizing the living room spaces with sponges.
  • Dust the furniture and vacuum areas in the dingy corners to ensure that you do not leave any traces for allergens, dust, and the disease-causing virus.
  • Pick the best sofa cleaning services and carpet cleaning services to get rid of stains and bacteria which cannot be done by your daily cleaning equipment.
  • Wash the rugs, drapes, curtains, and comforters with lukewarm water, especially the ones which have been in contact with the outsiders entering your homely nests.
  • Wipe the stained mirrors, patio surfaces, decorative pieces, windows, and woodwork with cleaning agents and spray sanitizers.

Bathroom and Shower Space

  • The showers’ walls and faucets must be squeegeed and the bathroom surfaces must be scrubbed.
  • Clean the tub surfaces and tiles to keep the shower spaces and exteriors spick and span.
  • Wash the curtain liners and bath towels and drench them in sanitized water for a few minutes.


  • Launder pungent sheets, pillow covers, and towels.
  • Tidy the cluttered spaces including garage, storeroom, and the yard to ensure that daily chores and sanitization become an easy task.
  • Use sanitizers and sprays religiously in every corner to root out the possibility of getting infected with the coronavirus.
  • Dust the dirt vents and cabinets every alternate day to ensure that dust and allergens do not collect over a period.
  • Sanitize the metal objects, gates, and appliances to root out the infectious coronavirus.
  • Resort to the home cleaning services in Gurgaon and Noida and ensure to get the routine chore list done by the professional squad with utmost ease.


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