E-sanitizers - Everyday Essentials to Curb the Spread of Covid-19

E-sanitizers - Everyday Essentials to Curb the Spread of Covid-19

New research findings have pointed out that money purses, smartphones and accessories are not sanitized merely by spraying the anti-infections. This is creating havoc among the masses considering the pandemic’s spread. However, it is time you toss your worries because Cleanomatics is going to launch portable electronic sanitizers. This process of germicide irradiation uses UV light which results in killing microbes and virus with shorter wavelengths to keep germs at bay.

These portable e-sanitizers engineered by Cleanomatics vouches to clean the disinfect surfaces of your smartphones, wallets, and other accessories. You cannot wipe the smartphones and small devices with dampened cloth, spray sanitizers or dip in sanitizer gels, thus the rational thing to do is get your hands on the e-sanitizers. In no small measure, hygiene has become a growing concern with cases climbing up the ladder of deaths. 

The personal accessories are packed with more germs than any shopping cart at a mall thus, we have come up with the novel solution to ensure the health of your loved ones, taking the disinfected surfaces into consideration.

Having guests over for brunch amid the pandemic to hog on sweet and savory delicacies with cranberry wine? However, what if they have lots of accessories with them which they have carried all through the way? There can be a zillion chances of the virus sticking to the wallets, accessories, and wallets, this is exactly where Cleanomatics jumps into the picture with the ideal portable e-sanitizers.

This sterilization box will ensure that the surfaces are sanitized without any wear and tear of the display. Furthermore, it does not leave any traces of harmful residuals thereby ensuring safety of your loved ones. Whether it is your homely nest or your office, you can keep it at the front entrance to ensure that the virus is blocked at the doorstep.

The advanced technology will sterilize your accessories within a few minutes, striking off the potential harm. The logic of coming up with this advanced idea is stemmed to the fact that the alcohol-based sanitizers do not work on the tech-gadgets. Furthermore, any device, which has been exposed needs sterilization.

Apart from the technical devices, the e-sanitizer portable box can sanitize the scrumptious eateries you got from the supermarkets. Let’s face the fact that the supermarkets have been visited by scores of people touching the packed fresh ingredients.

The pantry you stock up at your homes needs to be sanitized before it can be stored. Thus, you can take care of making balsamic dressing for lunch while our advanced technology can take care of waving goodbye to the virus.

At workstations, working amid the pandemic can be really stressful with you packed in the swirls of hustle. Now, if you have been juggling with work and caught in the monotonous work circle, it can be difficult to remember about sanitizing surfaces.

The hallmark of innovation will help you get rid of the infections with one tap. The on-the-go case is effective when it comes to killing bacteria and virus in a matter of seconds to toss potential risks. Get your hands-on the new e-sanitizer, the ideal hallmark of innovation, today.

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