Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Cleaning Company.

1. What is dry cleaning?

In spite of the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Liquids are used during the dry cleaning process. Dry cleaning, or washing in non-aqueous fluid or solvent, is the most effective known process for cleaning the broadest spectrum of natural and man-made fabrics. Dry cleaning is essentially a three-step operation. Firstly, a solvent is used to dissolve and disperse the soils on the fabric. Secondly, the solvent and soils are removed from the fabric and lastly, the soils are separated from the solvent and the solvent is recycled again.

2. How long does it take to clean my laundry?

Cleanomatics Laundry Service requires 2 Business days. The day that you drop of your laundry is Day 0. Our working days are Monday to Sunday, 365 days an year.
Example 1: Dropped off laundry on Monday
Your laundry will be ready for collection on Thursday, after 5pm.
Example 2: Dropped off laundry on Thursday
Your laundry will be ready for collection on Monday after 5 Pm but please note no deliveries on Sunday’s.

3. I need my Laundry urgently, do you have any express service?

Cleanomatics is able to provide faster turnaround with an express surcharge:
1. Express Service: 2 working days (All Outlets)
2. Next Day Express Service: 1 working day (All Stores)
3. Same Day Service: Drop off before 12 pm, collection after 5pm (Gold Course Outlet only)
Surcharges applicable:
1. Express/Next Day Express: + 50% of total invoice amount
2. Same day: + 100% of total invoice amount

4. Why do you take extra charges for Express Delivery?

Express delivery has to be charged extra because the pick n drop from the plant is done specially for that particular bill which adds extra cost to the cycle.

5. How are you different from others?

Exclusively we do a customized dry cleaning of the garments booked. A customer’ garments are never mixed with any other customer’ garments. Also our dry cleaning is smell free and harmless to the skin as well.

6. Will Shrinkage occur after cleaning?

While many garments are created with fabrics that are pre-shrunk by the fabric producer, shrinkage is still possible. In the case where your garment shrinks severely after its first wash, it is likely due to a manufacturer’s defect.

7. Can I specify the timings of delivery?

Please note that our complimentary home delivery service is an anytime (11am – 8pm) delivery. Should you have a preferred timing e.g. Morning / Night, please let our counter staff know.

8. How can I request for a Home Pick Up?

Simple, download the Cleanomatics APP, select the nearest outlet with the help to pin code, select the date and time slot.

9. How safe is my personal data with Cleanomatics?

As outlined in our PDPA forms, we adhere fully to the Personal Data Protection Acts.

10. What are the payment methods?

We accept cash, payment wallet, UPI, credit cards and e-banking.

11. What is Eco Friendly garment care?

Cleanomatics initiates garment cleaning in automatic machine using perc.* Perchloroethylene when used in an automatic machine gets recycled & the residue of it is evaporated into the environment the least minimal thus makes the process environment friendly. Furthermore, we undertake wet cleaning which is highly effective for majority of “dry clean only” garments safely, including most tailored woolen’s, silk, and rayon. Using biodegradable cleaning agents where the computer-controlled dryers and stretching machines ensure that the fabric retains its natural size and shape. Therefore the combinations of these two processes cleans the garment in the most eco-friendly manner.