Germ Busters

Our Deep Cleaning Services for Germs & Virus Free Offices and Homes come with optimum protection against the dreaded COVID19 virus. It is time we move ahead with our lives and start taking necessary precautions and ensure proper sanitization at our work places and homes.

For Indoor Sanitization, we use Max Guard 201, a specially designed Chemical Disinfectant for areas like Offices, Commercial Complexes, and Residencies etc. The disinfectant we use is made under strict adherence to WHO-GMP supervision / certification and complies with US EPA standards.

Outdoor sanitization is done with STAS SHCT, a highly potent Sodium HypoChlorite formulation, recommended by the Govt. of INDIA. It is used to disinfect outdoor areas such as Parking Lots, Open Areas, Roads, Outside of Buildings etc.