Laundry Services (Wash & Fold)

Price Varies 60 minutes


Our state-of-the-art machinery and environment friendly chemicals ensure that your favourite garments are washed with good care and the highest standards of hygiene is maintained.
Safety is our main priority. We ensure contactless laundry and dry-cleaning processes through a web/app-based appointment. Each garment is washed with German certified eco-friendly chemicals that cause no harm. Our dryers take the temperature to levels which scientifically kills all germs. Once the process is over, the items are carefully packed in sealed packets and put into our 3-in-1 Sanitising Cabinet (Zeus) for complete disinfection. The clothes are picked-up & dropped-off by trained associates wearing protective gears in a clean laundry bag, ensuring that there’s zero touch by human hands during the entire process. We encourage digital payments by way of sending an in-app notification for the invoice.


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