Transforming Lives

The society is moving at a rapid speed from the age of bullock carts to metros, from traditionalism to modernism. With changing times and technological advancements, the professions and working skills have also witnessed a leap of transformation. However, there is still a part of our society whom are yet to be engaged to the fast paced globalized world – the Washermen/Dhobis, who have been an integral part of lives of working professionals, from past many decades, helping in handling the laundry woes. Knowing the traditional way, washing the dirt away has always been a laborious process. Over the years, the traditional way of this profession seems to have lost its shine since the new-age professional laundry companies combine robust technology with reliable service and offer easy pick-up, better wash and care of the garments with smart laundry solutions and state-of-the-art machineries.

We realize that the dhobis/washermen have limited access to mechanized and industrial washing solutions and their work is arduous which also exposes them to physical harm and health hazards. Cleanomatics is determined towards building an inclusive model with focus on uberization of unorganized local washermen.

The aim is to work for the development and enablement of the local dhobi community in enhancing their skills by providing them with technological training, educating about use of eco-friendly solvents and detergents, latest washing processes and cleaning treatments. Eventually, benefiting them in attaining efficient working skills to deliver better customer service, improved professional outlook and upgraded revenue structure.

Cleanomatics wants to help the local professional community to shift from traditional working process of yesterday and learn the new skills of tomorrow.